Mute Math playing at the fantasy come true

My grupo favorito, Mute Math kicked off their 2 month tour here in Seattle. What an amazing show. . . complete with a light show.

Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, bassist for the group y mi amigo bueno, reminded me that I had said last year they should perform at the Showbox.
I had the wonderful honor of picking Roy up from the airport as well as the other members and crew. Wonderful people!

That evening before the show, as I stood there waiting for MM to come out, I could feel the anticipation growing as the crowd was waiting to hear their favorite band.

Then it started. . . my stomach began to feel queasy (and no . . . not from the bad chinese food we'd had before the show), but from seeing a fantasy fulfilled.

The music began and I could feel the tears wanting to well up inside of me. Why was this happening? I realized I felt like a proud mom watching her kids.

Throughout the show, I walked around the Showbox looking at all the people, on the floor, back in the bar, then standing on the opposite side stage left, over by the mdse. and the looks on their faces. . . it was awesome!

I didn't feel I could truly let go and enjoy the concert just for myself, until the end and I REALLY enjoyed singing and dancing to "Peculiar People."

Their CD will be released Sept 26. A special kick off will take place at FINGERPRINTS in Long Beach, CA.

Wish I could be there!


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