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Tis the Season

As I am rushing around trying to get all accomplished before Christmas, I am reminded, once again, that the Lord could care less as to whether I've sent out this years' Christmas cards or whether I make this holiday party or that holiday party, or whether my house is perfectly decorated with every bow, garland or Christmas light in place.

All the other stuff can wait. . . .

At the moment, all is tranquil. . . my twiin girls are near me, doing their homework. Dinner is about done.

I am doing what is most important. . . .
Not stressing over what I need to do.

I guess the play we are doing at church this year has gotten through to me.

The main character (played by me) is a mother, who in her day was an theatre major. She is trying to put on the Church Christmas pageant, only to be "sabotaged" by all who are participating.

No one knows their lines, some kids are sick, so there are only 2 wisemen instead of three. The boys are fighting and everyone is miserable. The characters i…

Fifteen Days Before Christmas!

So much to do. . . .so much to do. . . . .

Memorize lines

Buy Christmas Cards

Write them out

Print out the Christmas picture

Send them all

Buy Christmas gifts for family out of state

To buy online or here and just send them on

What to buy? What to buy? I don't know!

Oh memorize those lines, don't forget to memorize those lines.

Memorize the songs

Where do I stand? Which way do I walk again? Where am I headed?

Upstage or downstage?

Stage left or stage right?

You want more emotion?

Not enough passion?

Oh my gosh, what to make for dinner!!

What about laundry?

Running around while the kids are in school. . . .

Physical therapy, market, find an outfit for Saturday,

Can't I just meet my friend for coffee ?

Errands to run after school. . . .

Allergy shots on Tuesday


Piano lessons on Wednesday


Drum lesson on Thursday


One on her way to youth group on Wednesday,

While the other two are off to Awana.

Remember to bring stuff to decorate the leader like a tree.

In the car, back and forth, …

Don’t Look Back

No matter how much we try, we can’t repeat history, we can’t pick up where we left off, we can’t go back and live life out differently.

We can look back on our lives and wish things had been different, but what if the life we are living today was the life we had to live to make us into who God is perfecting us to be?

My life. . . has been good overall. Sure, when the times were hard, they were HARD. . . for me. But I have been blessed beyond measure.

My life as a wife has at times been bittersweet. May I add that in ignorance and disobedience, I contributed to a lot of that bittersweetness. Noted author, Gary Thomas of “Sacred Marriage,” asks the question “What if marriage is NOT to make you happy, but to make you holy?” To put it this way, “what if the very person you are married to is exactly the person God would use to “clarify” the junk in your heart and mind, floating to the top, as butter is clarified when it is boiling. The fat floats to the top, and is scraped off.

I am thankful t…