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Lo Takes On a New Business Adventure!

My 50's are definitely an exciting time for me!

I am now a represenative for one of the most innovative handbag companies around. . .


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Take time to rest. . .

With suffering from an ulcer for the last 4 years, it seems all I've done is "rest." Never "enjoying" it. Because of my illness, the loss of interest in my home followed, which I loved working on and alot of times, loss of time with my family.

Now. . . finally taking the right medication, I am on my way to being ulcer free and finally feeling whole again. As a result, I have that wonderful urge to make my home feel warm and inviting. As well as spending more time with my family.

Take time out to rest and heal if your body is telling you to do so.

Life can be so busy. . .

Don't forget to take time to "enjoy" the precious moments with those you love. And if you've been too busy to do what you love. . .find the time. And even include your loved ones. I couldn't have created this "space" without them. It was fun! We laughed alot!

I'm looking forward to more times like this!