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Blogging tips for the new and frequent blogger

So I've been working on my other blog Spin That 45 and so far, it has been an amazing ride!!

I LOVE blogging, there is no doubt about that!! But since I've been reviewing new music and talking about the latest on who to listen to and what, I've been feeling this need to want MORE!!

Give me MORE. . . MORE READERS!!!

So. . . how to go about that!?

Isn't it cool how when you think about something that you want, somehow, THINGS start to happen in a way that you least expect it?

Take for example, spending a morning with Life Coaches' Laurie Hardie & Suzette Parker, who host a radio program called "Coffee with The Coaches." They had invited me to sit in with them at a local coffee house where I met some lovely ladies, including one Marlee Huber.

Through our conversations which centered around the "treasure maps" the ladies brought, the "HOW TO" of how to get there came up. And of course, BLOGGING was high on the list.

Marlee mentioned her n…