Blogging tips for the new and frequent blogger

So I've been working on my other blog Spin That 45 and so far, it has been an amazing ride!!

I LOVE blogging, there is no doubt about that!! But since I've been reviewing new music and talking about the latest on who to listen to and what, I've been feeling this need to want MORE!!

Give me MORE. . . MORE READERS!!!

So. . . how to go about that!?

Isn't it cool how when you think about something that you want, somehow, THINGS start to happen in a way that you least expect it?

Take for example, spending a morning with Life Coaches' Laurie Hardie & Suzette Parker, who host a radio program called "Coffee with The Coaches." They had invited me to sit in with them at a local coffee house where I met some lovely ladies, including one Marlee Huber.

Through our conversations which centered around the "treasure maps" the ladies brought, the "HOW TO" of how to get there came up. And of course, BLOGGING was high on the list.

Marlee mentioned her newly created blog and her desire to make it the best. So she researched how to get the most from blogging, including achieving the most hits. What came from that is her April 7, 2011 blog entitled "12 Tips on Reaching 500 Hits," which you can read from her site: "Your Flourishing Life." She said that writing that blog really affirmed that the tips she wrote about worked!!

Well, I was so excited by what she said that I couldn't wait to look it up!!

I did as soon as I got in my car!! And I SO want to share them you!! Because following these tips really did work on SPIN THAT 45!!!

You can definitely visit Marlee's site to read her tips, but I am just too excited and HAD to post them below!!

Here's what she says to those of us who "wants 500 hits on their blog in a couple months." In my case, I had 300 hits in less than 2 weeks!!!

1. Pick a topic with universal appeal. Every organism is born to flourish. Find a topic that will attract a variety of readers.

2. Pick a topic that fascinates you. Ask yourself, “Can I be excited about this topic for the duration?” If you’re not enthusiastic, don’t expect readers to return.

3. Pick a topic that you know something about. I didn’t start out to study flourishing, but to understand behavior styles. Several years later after thousands of hours of research, I realized I had discovered the secret formula for flourishing in life.

4. Pick a topic that is transformational. Everyone wants to be re-invented. What I learned on flourishing has revolutionized my life. What has transformed your life? How can you guide your reader into being his personal best?

5. Practice compelling language. Engage the emotions as you write; hone your storytelling ability; make it easy to read and beneficial; avoid the passive voice; write for 8th graders. People don’t have a lot of time; make it worth their time.

6. Develop a following on social media. Having friends in place means a ready-made audience of those who know, like and trust you. Do friends and followers already find you uplifting? Encouraging?

7. Find a mentor. Especialy one who can help you if you aren't computer savvy and has LOTS of patience!! If you know a patience teen, that would be great!! I want to learn how to comment and like on Tumblr and am having the most difficulty trying to comprehend that site, but I know I will cuz I asked a friend of my son's to help me! ; )

8. Write on trending topics. Twitter posts hot topics throughout the day. On days when I write on trending topics the number of hits increases dramatically. Following the Christchurch earthquake, I wrote on how to re-open supply lines and get Christchurch flourishing again. Stats soared.

9. Write 2-3 times per week. Posting regularly demonstrates commitment and search engines like that.

10. Write 250-350 words. This is a good readable length attractive to Google and friends.

11. Tag each article with 5-10 subject headings. For example, Christchurch/New Zealand/Earthquake/Compassion/Supply lines.

12. Auto-publish on Facebook and Twitter. Tweet a catchy title; add a photo along with a compelling lead in for Facebook. Make it easy for your friends and followers to read your musings.
Published by Marlee Huber for Your Flourishing Life

Let me just say that after you've read these, don't expect these results right away. If you are blogging and you love your topics??? Then keep doing what you're doing, because the opportunity will present itself when the time is right.

In my case, I was doing what I do and then recently, I found that someone I know, Snuffy Walden was going to be on The Ellen Show with with a super talented young woman by the name Sara Niemietz. I watched it and was so amazed by her talent, I wanted to blog about her. THAT'S Tip #2!! : ) In less than 48 hours after posting it, I had gotten 100 hits.

Then that week, American Idol's Casey Abrams ALSO made an appearance on The Ellen Show. And being a huge fan of Casey, OF COURSE I had to blog about him. . . BAM. . . another 100 hits!!

I didn't blog about them to increase my hits. I blogged about them, because these two people as tip #2 said, fascinated me!

And as I continue to blog new music and artists, I will keep these tips at hand so I can review them from time to time.

Thank you Marlee for making mention of this valuable article and passing on the wisdom!!



Marlee Huber said…
Hey thanks for passing along my tips and sending folks over to my blog. You are a team player!

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