Jim Carrey: Actor / Comedian / Human - Keeps It Real With Homeboys

Everyone loves Jim Carrey.
I mean, who hasn't seen his movies, The Mask, Ace Ventura, The Truman Show, or when he first started on national TV with In Living Color!?

It's all acting tho. It's not real. And we, who are on the other side of the movie screen or TV, somehow have this belief that our lives ought to reflect what is being portrayed. Like a big commercial.

There's this notion that actors, musicians and people in the limelight don't suffer as much as we do with life's problems or stress, because of what they have, such as notoriety, money, bling, etc. But the deeper I go into this field and meet so many, I find more often this is not the case. As we've seen with Robin Williams, Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington, their fame did not keep them from leaving this world. They were tortured souls who were dealing with so much more than they could handle - from medical issues to mental illness.

I'm guessing that Jim Carrey also suffers from some type of mental distress. It's probably what drives him. And how could he not, with all the demands put on him, especially the demand to always be "ON" like when Kris Kristofferson, who portrayed the famous role of "John Norman Howard" was in the 1976 film; "A Star Is Born," with Barbara Streisand.

The poor man just wants to enjoy seeing The Oreos perform at a small club. But this guy, who is a fan and is oblivious to the fact that there is a performance going on, approaches John Norman and says the things we ALL say when meeting a celebrity, "Hey! I'm one of your biggest fans." "Can I get your autograph?" "Can we take a selfie?"

John Norman, being polite at first, tries not to engage with the man, knowing that it's rude to the band trying to do their song. The fan gets upset because John Howard won't go up and perform with them and creates a scene and the girls never get to finish their song. So sad. So it must be difficult for Jim Carrey to know that is what he has to face everyday when he is not "ON" and just wants to "BE."

The video below, released by L.A.'s Homeboy Industries, shows us a Jim Carrey that isn't "ON."
What we see is Jim Carrey who is just . . . Jim. A guy who has a career or job like most of us have. The difference is, he makes a living in the arts of film & TV or live shows.

This is beautiful! Seeing something like this when our news is filled with so much negativity and fake lives with people who are showing off the "beautiful life." But this right here IS the beautiful life! Seeing Jim Carrey hanging out with el gente. They are those who have left the gang life, which is a life filled with crime and destruction. Reaching them, by sharing hope, grace, love and God. Showing not just friendship but a kindred-ship to everyone there at Homeboy Industries, saying that he is no different than they are, except that he has "fame" as an actor / comedian.

He's showing them, that he, Jim Carrey, is just a man who needs God, who needs to quiet his mind of the madness of his life by taking time out to be alone with God, as we all should. He's saying, he's no better than anyone else, especially those there, who are listening, but that THEY are instead, the heroes.

This video, captured by someone at Homeboy Industries is so lovely. The look on the faces there, says it all. They get it.

If I could add one more thing; if Jim wasn't who he is, he may not have had the credibly to stand and speak to this wonderful group and have them all listen. His words carry weight. How wonderful that he has chosen to use his voice to encourage and uplift these heroes!!

We are all created for a purpose.

We are all "Handpicked." Romans 8:29


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