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I Will Always Miss My Arm

Recently, a dear friend lost her son. Although he battled depression, it was assumed that his death might have been a suicide, which it was. Nonetheless, his death has left an enormous hole in her, her family and friends.

She poured her heart of her son's loss on her Facebook this week. It touched me so much, I asked if I could post it here on my blog. For me, I find it difficult to inquire how someone is doing after such a devastation. Her post helped me not only to understand what she is going through, but how I might be able to be there for her and for others.  Perhaps her post will help you think about how to approach someone when they've lost a loved one, especially a child.

From my friend:

"I have been asked how I am doing, so many times I needed to really access things. What is it like? Well, I think it’s like having my left arm cut off. I will NEVER get over it. What about time healing all wounds? Yes, I have experienced that in other losses, but this one is crippl…