Tis the Season

As I am rushing around trying to get all accomplished before Christmas, I am reminded, once again, that the Lord could care less as to whether I've sent out this years' Christmas cards or whether I make this holiday party or that holiday party, or whether my house is perfectly decorated with every bow, garland or Christmas light in place.

All the other stuff can wait. . . .

At the moment, all is tranquil. . . my twiin girls are near me, doing their homework. Dinner is about done.

I am doing what is most important. . . .
Not stressing over what I need to do.

I guess the play we are doing at church this year has gotten through to me.

The main character (played by me) is a mother, who in her day was an theatre major. She is trying to put on the Church Christmas pageant, only to be "sabotaged" by all who are participating.

No one knows their lines, some kids are sick, so there are only 2 wisemen instead of three. The boys are fighting and everyone is miserable. The characters in the play believe the mom, who is head of the "Christmas Committee" has gone wacky because she has gone off the deep with this play, wanting everything perfect.

The mom sees herself as indispensable to the church. She believes that Christmas at the church wouldn't even happen if "she" didn't make it happen herself. She builds the set, she bakes the cookies, she creates the costumes, she writes the script and even arranges the music. On top of that, she has to get all done for her family's Christmas. All the time, not taking the time to enjoy the fact that Jesus was born to save her life. Not taking the time to celebrate his birth.

It isn't until her husband, the pastor, tells the kids in the play, a few stories about people forgetting Jesus' birthday, which relates to our present age, that she understand SHE is the ONE who has forgotten his birthday.

Everything turns out fine. . . the Christmas pageant goes on and the mom participates with joy in the end.

Dinner is ready and being served.

I must go.

Good night!!!



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