Fifteen Days Before Christmas!

So much to do. . . .so much to do. . . . .

Memorize lines

Buy Christmas Cards

Write them out

Print out the Christmas picture

Send them all

Buy Christmas gifts for family out of state

To buy online or here and just send them on

What to buy? What to buy? I don't know!

Oh memorize those lines, don't forget to memorize those lines.

Memorize the songs

Where do I stand? Which way do I walk again? Where am I headed?

Upstage or downstage?

Stage left or stage right?

You want more emotion?

Not enough passion?

Oh my gosh, what to make for dinner!!

What about laundry?

Running around while the kids are in school. . . .

Physical therapy, market, find an outfit for Saturday,

Can't I just meet my friend for coffee ?

Errands to run after school. . . .

Allergy shots on Tuesday


Piano lessons on Wednesday


Drum lesson on Thursday


One on her way to youth group on Wednesday,

While the other two are off to Awana.

Remember to bring stuff to decorate the leader like a tree.

In the car, back and forth, back and forth.

Don't forget he has youth group on Thursday.

Oh my gosh!!!

The neighborhood Christmas party is Friday.

Have to go, since it's across the street!!

Oh no!

Don't forget the dessert!!!

Piano recital on Saturday!!!

But first to take him to driver's training that morning.

Where to fit in a "updoo" and make up.

Company Christmas party that night.

Make sure to look like a million bucks!!!

Sunday would love to rest, but no can do

Get up for church,

Then on to drop off one at rehearsal

Drop him off at driver's training

Then back to pick up the one from rehearsal

Get home and put dinner together

Go back to pick him up from driver's training.

Oh my gosh!!

Christmas Shopping!!!

I've got to memorize those lines!!!

Where is the joy?

Next time.


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