Is marriage meant to make us happy or holy?

Gary Thomas author of Sacred Marriage on Bono of U2 :
"In his most recent CD, he has a line that appears in two different songs, it's slightly altered but it's pretty much the same thought, appears in two different songs, and it struck me because Bono is about my age, he's been married about as long as I've been married, extremly unusual for a rock star, in that he's been married to the same woman for over 20 years. And he writes one long line. He says; "I could never take the chance of losing love to find romance." And here's a rock star... he could find a new romance everyday of the week as U2 is out on tour, but he says you know what, there's a certain excitment in romance. Yeah, there's a certain fun to it, but to take that, I'd lose love. I'd lose a sense of loyally walking with one woman throughout my life. And he says I choose love."

Gary Thomas, noted author and speaker of Sacred Marriage was the guest speaker at our church recently.

Another quote from that Sunday's message:
"When we expect perfection out of marriage we are setting ourselves for disaster. Marriage means tortuous work and a predictable routine. That's what you should expect. Indeed a successful marriage has little to do with sustained bliss and everything to do with the grind." from her book "Surrendering to Marriage" by Iris Krasnow Quoting this author because a growing number of newlyweds thought marriage would be different, terrified they had made the wrong decision because they couldn't believe how difficult marriage was. He says: "you didn't make the wrong choice, you went into it with the wrong expectations, about what marriage would involve. You never really understood what it was about."

This was my favorite:
"You go into marriage hoping for a Mercedes Benz and you wake up with a Geo Prism!"

My husband and I are attending his seminar this weekend. And I am anticipating alot. Mostly changes from within myself.

You can listen to this message, by clicking the link below:

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