Unfailing Love

What a week this has been. . .

Friend in hospital. . . driving a 1/2 hour away to her house a few times, to try to get it cleaned up for her, so when she comes home she will be comfortable and can concentrate on healing.

School. . . getting the kids there and back. Homework. . . what homework? Piano lesson, guitar lesson, drum lesson.

Wednesday. . . oldest daughter. . . asthma treatments all day. . . not doing well. Go to school potluck that night. Leave early to head off to ER to get her taken care of with steroids. But leaving the hospital she still is not feeling well. Wondering. . . Contemplating. . . should I have taken her to Children's? Does she need to be hospitalized? Why this week? Her birthday party Friday? That will break her heart.

Thursday . . . still not feeling better. . . back to the doctors. . . another round of steroids. . . FINALLY!!! She is back to normal. . . onto the next thing. . .

Friend in hospital. . . I make my way to meet w/physicians to go over rehab plan.

Friend in hospial's father, who doesn't believe in God, says to his daughter that he has to accept that there is a God in Heaven because of the circumstances surrounding her situation. He is a history teacher and taught in England for 15 years for Univ. of Maryland. AMAZING!

Try to leave hospital and beat traffic back home, take twins to babysitter. . . come back home, pick up oldest son . . . head off to Overlake Christian for Superchic[k] show.

At the show. . . John Reuben, Santus Real, Last Tuesday. . . I don't know. . . it could have been my exhaustion. . . but I just wasn't into it. . . Superchic[k] was okay, but I guess I expected more.

Friday. . . oldest daughter's birthday party / sleep over. House is in need of an overhaul. . . not enough time, but it all works out.

Everyone is having a good time. . . I leave to pick up cake and ice cream . . . friend in hospital calls and is hesterical. . . insurance won't pay for extra days in hospital . . . personal issues, not medical. . . Calming her down is of utmost importance. . . don't want her sternum to open. . . Albertson's . . . cake decorator writing name on my daughter's cake. . . I pray with my friend as I wait by the donut case. . . Finally she is calm. . . onto the next thing. . .

Oldest daughter falls in our redone backyard. . . I'm thinking she is overwhelmed by all the attention. . . Finally she is back to herself. . .

NOW. . . I can sit down and prepare for worship tomorrow. . . Women's Breakfast. . . Topic. . . CONTENTMENT.

What songs to do. . . I don't know.

Songs come together. . . it's all coming together.

Need one more. . . searching. . . then I find what I am looking for. . . .

"You have my heart, and I am Yours forever
You are my strength, God of grace and power
And everything You hold in Your hand
Still You make time for me
I can't understand
Praise You God of Earth and sky How beautiful is Your unfailing love
Unfailing love And You never change God You remain
The Holy One
My unfailing love, Unfailing love

You are my rock, the one I hold on to
You are my song, and I sing for You "
Unfailing Love by Chris Tomlin

After all has been said and done. . . I am reminded of Who holds me up.


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